Opening Ceremony of Corporate Bazaar 2008

Corporate Bazaar 2008 started today and we from Business Bangladesh were there to cover the inaugural ceremony. It is organized by aamra networks limited and the inaugural ceremony took place at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre. Syed Faruque Ahmed, Chairman of aamra group of companies, inaugurated the three day long Corporate Bazaar 2008.

Syed Faruque Ahmed in his speech welcomed everyone to the inaugural ceremony of Corporate Bazaar 2008. He said that B2B (Business to Business) market is very important for our economy. He hoped that Corporate Bazaar could add some flavor to the existing corporate culture in Bangladesh. He said that Corporate Bazaar was not concerned with attracting a huge crowd but its main goal was to increase interaction among the stake holders of the business sector in Bangladesh.

Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director of aamra group of companies also spoke on the occasion. He expressed his satisfaction to note that Corporate Bazaar had continued to flourish and promote corporate culture in Bangladesh. According to him, corporate culture is something new among Bangladeshi companies. He hoped that Corporate Bazaar would continue to increase corporate culture and professionalism in the country. He said that 150 million people of the country can be converted into a pool of skilled workforce if the right kind of training could be provided. He cited the examples of Malaysia and Singapore are now seeking skilled people from other countries. Syed Farhad Ahmed sought the support of everyone to make Corporate Bazaar a success. He said that a few of our neighbors have seen success in outsourcing and Bangladesh can do the same. That is why they have selected BPO as the topic of Corporate Leaders’ Meet in Corporate Bazaar 2008.

Russell T Ahmed, convener of CorporateBazaar and chief operating officer of aamra networks limited in his welcome speech said that aamra networks limited was organizing Corporate Bazaar out of social corporate responsibility. He also said that networking within the business sector is also an outcome of Corporate Bazaar. A number of seminars had been organized addressing the business sector’s interest. He informed the audience about the seminars. He thanked the sponsors for their generous support. He viewed that the success of Corporate Bazaar will be the success of corporate community in Bangladesh.

I am putting here the press release from the organizers:

Country’s premier corporate show, Corporate Bazaar, kicked off Saturday at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre in the capital city.

Syed Faruque Ahmed, chairman of Aamra Group formally inaugurated the exclusive fair. Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director of Aamra Group and Russell T Ahmed, convener of Corporate Bazaar also addressed the inauguration ceremony.

AAMRA NETWORKS LTD, country’s leading corporate internet service provider, is staging the fair for the third time this year. It is an exhibition of exclusively corporate solutions arranged for the corporate visitors. The concept of the Corporate Bazaar emerged from the need for a truly corporate market place in Bangladesh. It is a market place for products and services designed and offered exclusively to the business world: business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, executives and those who belong to the business community and influence decision making. As fairs and exhibitions held in Bangladesh usually fail to offer an ambience for business decision makers to visit, the organizers aim to make sure that this is one showcase where business leaders can actually get an overview of what is on offer to them and make informed decisions.

The first two editions of Corporate Bazaar, held in 2006 and 2007 met with great success in bringing together the top leaders of the business community under one roof. Some of the leading companies of the country covering over twenty industries exhibited their corporate solutions.

This year the exhibition will be a three day affair starting on the 9th of February 2008. On show will be all types of products and services necessary for running a business. Over forty leading organizations from different sectors are showcasing their corporate packages covering a wide range of industries like Telecommunication, IT, Banks, Airlines, Office Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors, Advertising Companies, Electronics, Power Supply. The list of exhibitors covers both local big shots as well as multinational companies.

The corporate world of Bangladesh has a free pass to enter the exhibition. Any individual with his/her own business card will be given a free entry pass upon presenting it at the entrance.

The organizers are also arranging several special exclusive events for selected professionals to mark the occasion. These events include five seminars, a gala fashion show and an exclusive Corporate Leaders' Meet.