Corporate Bazaar 2008: Depicting Bangladeshi Corporate Scenario

If you look at international media then you will find that they show Bangladesh in a negative way many times. For example, most of the time, the reports related to flood and natural digesters, political instability and violence and extreme poverty of Bangladesh get a lot of coverage in the international media. But the positive sides of Bangladesh are not shown much. That is why many people in western countries do have that much good idea about this country. However, the reality is not totally a poor country. In fact, it has same economic growths in the last few years and the main source of export in, Bangladesh is readymade garments. Many Bangladeshis live in other countries and they sent a lot of money and remittance is an important part of Bangladeshi economy too. You should also know that there are a lot of big corporate companies in Bangladesh. Actually, there is a fair related to corporate culture in Bangladesh and that is called Corporate Bazaar. Corporate Bazaar 2008 is knocking on the door and intact it will start form 9 February 2008 in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. This time 30 companies are taking place and they are going to display their products and services in corporate bazaar 2008. There will be a number of seminars too in this show and they are going to be a corporate fashion show.

Today, there was a press conference and I am putting here the press release:

A press Conference was held on Thursday, February 7,2008, at the Hotel Sarina, to announce the inauguration of the Corporate Bazaar 2008, being held at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Hall, from 9-11 February,2008. Leading the panel at the conference was Mr. Russell T. Ahmed, Convener of the organizing committee of Corporate Bazaar and COO of aamra networks limited; also present at the press conference was Mr. Syed Farhad Ahmed, managing Director of aamra Group, the parent company of aarma networks limited; Mr. Sharful Alam, Head of sales and marketing and Mr. Riaz Uddin Mosharaf, CEO, Windmill Advertising ltd.

This is the third time in three years that aamra networks limited, the country’s leading corporate internet service provider, is arranging the Corporate Bazaar. The Corporate Bazaar is an exhibition of exclusively corporate solutions arranged for corporate visitors. The concept of the Corporate Bazaar emerged from the need for a truly for the solutions, that is, products and services offered exclusively for the business world. The exhibition is arranged exclusively for the corporate and business world: business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, executives and those who belong to the business community and the influence decision making. As fairs and exhibitions held in Bangladesh usually fail to offer an ambience for business decisions makers to visit, the organizers aim to make sure that this is one showcase where business leaders can actually get an overview of what is on offer to them and make informed decisions.

The first Corporate Bazaar, held beginning of the last year met with great success in bringing together the top leaders of the business community under one roof, while some of the leading companies covering over twenty five industries exhibited their corporate solutions.

This year the exhibition will be a three day affair starting on the 9th of February 2008, at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre (BCFCC). On show will be all types of products and services and necessary for running a business. Over forty leading organizations of different industries are showcasing their corporate packages. The exhibitors cover a wide range of industries like Telecommunication, IT, Banks, PSTN, Advertising Companies, Electronics, Power Supply, Real Estate, Fashion House, Hospital etc along with many other industries offering products and services as corporate packages. The list of exhibitions covers both local big shots as well as Multi National Companies.

The corporate world of Bangladesh has a free pass to enter the exhibition. Any individual with their own business card will be given a free entry pass upon presenting their business card at the entrance.

The organizers are also arranging several special exclusive events for selected professionals to mark the occasion.

The organizers are arranging several special exclusive seminars for selected professionals to mark the occasion. Each seminar is one of the prime events of the Exhibition and it is attended by around 120 professionals of the country; interactive discussion takes place between the panel members and the audiences. A panel of selected professionals of their industries shall run the seminars.

The most exclusive event of the Corporate Bazaar is the Corporate Leaders’ Meet arranged by aamra networks limited will bring together the top decision makers of the corporate world under one roof. The evening is going to be attended by over 250 business head of the leading business houses operating in the country, exclusively invited for the occasion (scheduled on 10th February evening). Corporate Leaders’ Meet is the prime event of the Exhibition and this time the discussion topic is ‘Business Process Outsourcing’ – potential for Bangladesh. Interactive discussion takes place between the panel members and the audiences who are the chief executives of the corporate houses of the country.

If you are in Bangladesh you should visit Corporate Fair 2008. It will be held at Bangladesh China friendship Conference Center and it will be held for three days (9 to 11 February). In Corporate Bazaar 2008, a number of companies form the telecom, bank and others sectors are going to participate. Among the major sponsors there are GrameenPhone Limited, CityCell, AB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, D-Link (India) Ltd. Nokia and Persona Group. Aamra Network Ltd. is going to arrange the Corporate Bazaar 2008.

There was a press conference on Corporate Bazaar today (7 February 2008). A number of journalists came and the organizers of co 2008 discussed with them different sides of Corporate Bazaar 2008.


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you need to make people know about corporate culture/ behavior.this particular education and practice is a must to work out side government's out fits.